Friday, July 14, 2006

Ζιάκας Γρεβενών

Εσείς βουνά των Γρεβενών και πεύκα του Μετσόβου,
λίγο για χαμηλώσετε, κάνα ντουφέκι τόπο για να φανεί ....

- Ζιάκα μ' πως και το' παθες, Ζιάκα μ' πως εστάθης,
πως άφησες τις εκκλησιές κι αυτό το Μοναστήρι;
- Κάλλιο ν' αφήσω τσ' εκκλησιές κι αυτό το μοναστήρι,
παρά ν' αφήσω στη σκλαβιά χίλια γυναικοπαίδια.

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Lag Claudia Staab said...

Hi there,
you also have some really nice pictures here, unfortunately my Greek sucks... or in other words I don't understand anything!
You asked about our equipment on
Here it comes:

- Olivon T-80 20-60x (on a TR154 tripod)

- Canon Powershot A540, with a Canon LA-DC52F filter/converter adapter
mounted to the telescope using the Olivon digiscoping camera adapter (model unknown, couldn't find it on their site. It's quite new).

This sort of works for us so far... on very still-sitting birds. Everything else seems impossible right now...

Keep up the good work! ;-)
Greetings from Stockholm/Claudia