Friday, May 22, 2009

White Stork - Λευκοπελαργός

White Stork nest in Poland in Internet – “Close to Storks” project

The „Close to Storks” project, based on the White Stork’s nest observation by Internet, is conducted since March 2006 by the South Wielkopolska Group of Polish Society for the Protection of Birds – BirdLife International partner in Poland. Monitored nest is located in Przygodzice village (51.35 N, 17.49 E) in Wielkopolska region, near the border of „Barycz Valley” Landscape Park and Special Protected Area of Natura 2000 European ecological network.
The aim of the project is show to the public the nesting period of the White Stork - species which is a non-formal sign of Poland (Polish population - about 40.000 breeding pairs - represents 20% of the total world population). The project’s title means not only technical possibility of non-stop, close monitoring of the nest, but also establishing the emotional relation of the observers with the storks.
The camera has absolutely no influence for the stork’s behaviour and does not interrupt their life. In 2006-2009 seasons the storks laid 5 eggs, in 2006-2008 - 3, 2 and 4 nestlings left the nest.
Online transmission is realized in several options to choose from according to observers’ needs and technical possibilities. Transmission with the view refreshed every 7 seconds is available on, on – the streaming view (25 frames per second), and also the streaming view for mobile phones (20 frames per second) is accessible.
The number of transmission viewers was estimated for 1.5, 3 and 5 millions in 2006-2008, coming from more than 100 countries each year. Besides Poland, the biggest numbers were from: United Kingdom, Germany and France from Europe; USA, China and Japan from the rest of the world. On 2nd June 2008 the Bociany on line site came first in worldwide Birdingtop500 ranking, now is on fifth position. Media also show their great interest in the project. Since 2006 summer „Close to Storks” Meeting is organized, and since 2007 the discussion forum site Bocianyzprzygodzic is active, with a part in English also.
Now everybody can observe five freshly hatched (between 15th and 20th May) nestlings and their feeding by earthworms by the parents.

Paweł T. Dolata
„Close to Storks” project co-ordinator

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