Friday, November 28, 2008

Καστανοκέφαλοι Γλάροι - Black-headed Gulls

Ένα μέρος μόνο από τη μεγάλη ομάδα των καστανοκέφαλων γλάρων που παρατήρησα στις 26/11 στο Καλοχώρι.Το θέαμα πτήσης φανταστικό.

Only a part of the great flock of Black-headed Gulls I obsrerved on 26/11 by Kalochori,Thessaloniki. A fantastic show.


kimco said...

This really is a fabulous shot, are you getting used to your 50d and do you like it now?
I like your blog very much

Odysseas said...

The 50 D is replaced from a 40 D!!!